Quick start

Want to quickly try FormKit? You can interact with it directly in our online Playground. Need some inspiration? Check out our Examples for quick demos in the FormKit playground. You can also open any example in the docs in the Playground and modify it to see how it reacts.


  • Vue 3 or Nuxt 3: If you're using Vue 2 or Nuxt 2 you can use FormKit's predecessor VueFormulate.
  • Node.js: 14.18.0, 16.12.0, or higher.
  • Terminal: To run npm/yarn commands.
The @next tag

You can install the upcoming version of FormKit (unstable) anytime by opting to installing the "next" version tag: npm install @formkit/vue@next

Installation instruction wizard

Let’s determine the best way to set up FormKit in your project by answering a few questions:

Is your project a new or existing project?